Friday, August 26, 2011

Tofu U

I found this today while searching for some prices and kinds of tofu. It is really cool you get a coupon for a dollar off each week of the month long challenge and if you complete it you get either a t-shirt or gym shorts. I think once I complete it I'll go for the gym shorts because of the fact they say "extra firm" across your butt! There is also information about which kinds are the easiest to cook with and recipes to use. I am going to try it out for the next month so be looking for the links to recipes and my alterations of those recipes. Here is a link to the website!

I used my coupon today at Owen's in Warsaw and got it for 99 cents!  It is going to be expiring soon and they just wanted to get rid of it and put it on special, worked out great for me.

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