Thursday, June 25, 2009

popped wheat

So I went to a Relief Society thing about wheat the other day they lured me in with promise of learning how to make popped wheat.  Well it didn't happen and I was quite sad because I had made the other items before but the popped wheat sounded intriguing.  So I did it today!

Popped Wheat
Boil wheat berries for 45 minutes,  (1 hour is what one recipe said but I got tired of waiting after 45 mins)
scoop out a ladle of berries dry on paper towel to dry some
Heat oil in a frying pan
pour berries in and watch them go
I let them go until it 
a) got scary with the berries bursting open or 
b) the amount of berries looked like hardly anything and stopped going crazy with bubbles
(Normally b was the case)

It doesn't look or taste like popcorn it makes me think of corn nuts so I consider the popped wheat a misnomer and should be renamed wheat nuts-but it doesn't sound quite as yummy.

This is combined from a couple different recipes, I didn't totally like any of the so I made up my own version from about 2 google pages worth of results.  I did find one that said to just put regular berries in a hot pan with the lid on, but I had already started cooking the wheat by then so I haven't tried it yet, maybe next time.

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